Forever VIP

About us

The Forever Social delivers digital immortality, based upon the Forever Engine, which has been recognised by organisations such as Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and AI Societies as “a master piece of AI engineering.”

Founder: Karl-Axel Mattiasson

Launched: 7 October 2008

Employees: 800+

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden

Founded: 23 April 2006

Users: 40,000

The Forever Social team

Karl-Axel Mattiasson



His journey to create the world’s most advanced AI system, the Forever Engine, started over 10 years ago. Thanks to advancements in processing power and affordable storage, the full realisation of this invention is now possible. Holder of 4 masters, 1 PhD and 29 patents.

Anna Åberg

Chief Marketing Officer


Former Head of Ericsson Wireline marketing and the Marketing Director of Alfa Laval separator technology, Anna has progressed to use a strong technical capabilitiy to help create a global consumer brand.

Bo Dahlberg

General Manager, Testing & Development


Mathematical modelling and simulation for various physical processes and complex systems. Design and implementation of math models, algorithms and rules for calculation cost of scalability for the system.

Gunilla Bäcklin

PR and Media manager


Account Director for Sandberg Trygg and Ehrenstråhle advertising agencies. Over 10 years of marketing communications expertise with Swedish multinationals. Holds a Masters Degree in Corporate communications.

Jan-Eric Niklasson

Chief Software Architect


Expert in the design and development of commercial software systems with more than 10 years of experience developing enterprise software applications based on the latest advances in Computational Intelligence (CI) and Operations Research (OR). These applications were used by numerous Global 1000 companies to create measurable improvements in revenue and bottom-line profits.

Jesper Classon

Software Engineering Lead


Working in Defence since 2000 on a number of large projects as both a System and Software Engineer. During this time primarily worked in C++, C# and .NET.

Kerstin Nordström

Software Engineering Lead


14 years of experience in the IT industry. More than 10 years of active hands-on experience developing Enterprise Applications with Java for a variety of clients and employers.

- Object Oriented Programming

- Design Patterns

- Core Java – Java IO, RMI, Multi-threading, JDBC, AWT, Swing

Linda Lindblad

Chief Technology Officer


Experienced IT leader across a wide variety of industries and disciplines, including defence, commercial, and public sectors. Former employment with Scania Trucks, Allgon Mobile Communications and ABB Robotics.

Louise Ludvigsson

Head Developer


Experienced Solution Architect with over 25 years experience in meeting critical software engineering challenges, with an excellent history of leading the turnaround of under-performing IT projects and strategies by driving organisation change with the adoption of standardised practices.

Mikael Falkheimer

Platform Developer


Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering and Masters of Engineering (Telecommunication). For fun, runs a side project to create DC motor speed controller using PC- C++ language, DC motor datasheet, Universal Process Controller by Microcontroller ( 89c52)- Assembly language, A very simple microprocessor (4-bit VSM)- Dech3 ( VLSI), Microwind software.

Mona Hellström

Data Science Advisor


Expertise in data science, machine learning, predictive analytics, information management, content management, data management, resource discovery - search and metadata, business intelligence, IT Strategy and management.

Skills in server, system, solution, business, integration and information architecture.

Niklas Ölander

AI Developer


Computer scientist, software architect, and developer specialising in a systematic approach to AI for business.

- Design of Computational Products & Services for the Digital Economy

 - Design of Computational Models & Architectures. Distributed Computation

- NLP / Deep NLP & Text Mining

- Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning & Deep Learning

- Probabilistic Programming / Deep Probabilistic Programming & Decision Making

- Artificial Intelligence / Cognitive Computing

Per Hofberg

Chief Experience Officer


Over a decade of working with some of the world’s most engaging brands, such as Spotify, Klara and MineCraft, helping them to form a customer centric approach to their growth strategy. Helping brands personalise experiences for customers is Per's passion and expertise.