Forever VIP

Getting Started

Welcome to The Forever Social

1. Get started in a few clicks

Add all your social media accounts, quickly and easily. There’s no limit to the number of accounts you can link.



2. Create groups for family and friends

In real life, your relationship is different with everyone. Let that continue after you’re gone. Control what you share and how you will respond in the future by adjusting your settings.



3. Do it your way

For those you leave behind, your first message is perhaps the most poignant. Our Forever Engine  will ensure this message truly captures everything you would want to say, so that the legacy you is 100% authentic. If you choose to add nuances, like finally let Aunt Hilda know how you feel, or perhaps reveal things you had never made public, you can include these in the message.



4. Retain control

Only you can control the legacy you – today and when you’re gone. This includes setting the date or trigger for your digital burial, blocking people whose lives you want to exit forever, and limiting who can see your digital testament.



5. Stay true to yourself

The Forever Engine uses algorithms and artificial intelligence to learn how you would respond to everything in the future… Whether that’s other people’s posts, world events, new technologies and products, even the weather! It will perfectly craft the response of legacy you, sharing your thoughts via written posts, CGI stills and video, and audio files.