The Forever Social provides digital immortality. Using powerful algorithms and AI, the Forever Engine uses your existing social media profiles to learn your personality, likes, dislikes, life milestones and interests. In short, it knows the ‘real you’.

Full protection of your digital assets

We provide storage and protection for your digital assets and social profiles using blockchain technology. Your ‘digital estate’ (including music, videos, images, social media profiles and other online accounts) is protected by the most secure system possible.


Disaster recovery is also provided, with servers guaranteed to have never been connected to the internet.

Introducing the Forever Engine

In the event that you pass away, the Forever Engine creates posts you can pre-set for timing, specific audiences and themes. The platform will also track significant dates such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays, and allow your legacy you to respond to other people’s posts, world events and more.


The Forever Engine lets you stay a part of your loved ones lives and control your level of interaction. Set up your account and decide how, when and what you communicate across your social media accounts. Stay present and stay you.

A complete digital estate

You decide who will own your digital footprint. Using smart contracts, a completely auditable and trackable process is provided to release your digital assets to loved ones.


No more frozen social media accounts, no more arguments. You can have complete confidence that your digital assets will be provided to the right people at the time of your choosing.

What if my family or friends want to cancel?


You can stipulate in your digital testament if you want your account to be cancelled and what you want to have happen with your social profiles and digital assets. You may choose a specific time to release specific messages or have an allowance for a formal ‘digital burial’ at the request of your family.

Totally future-proof


What if Facebook or Twitter disappear? What if there are new social media platforms that become more popular? The Forever Social will guarantee that your profile will be created on new platforms, with content produced corresponding with ‘you’, thanks to our advanced AI based Forever Engine.

Forever VIP

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